Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pop Balls

Hey people!

I was reading a blog called Bakerella, I am sure you have heard of her...She made some cute lil' cake balls. So I decided to try something new, as I am quite bored with the usual items that I've been baking..

So here's my version of her cake balls.

I made quite a fair bit of changes, she used ready made cake mix, cream cheese frosting and chocolate. But I baked the cake from scratched and made my own frosting instead of ready made ones from the can spray.

It took longer than I have yea...

I must say, please allow time for the cake to cool, and harden in the fridge and chocolate to set :)

Here's what I am talking about.

Pop Balls :)

1) After baking the cupcakes (you can use any flavour cupcakes you want), allow them to cool completely, remove from the cupcake paper and crumble them.

2) Mix some frosting into the crumbled cake enough for the cake to stick to one another, I used frosting+finely chopped oreo's cookies :)


3) Roll the crumbled cake into small balls, and put it in the fridge for it to harden for a couple of hours or freezer to speed up time.


4) Melt chocolate, I used dark and white chocolate so that it wouldn't be too sweet.

5) When the balls are ready, remove from fridge/freezer. Dip it in the chocolate and tip off excess. (you can use a chopstick to do this if you want)

6) Let it set on a tray, but do make sure to use grease paper below so that it won't be messy to clean up later.

7) Serve :)


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