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Hi, I'm Mae. Thanks for stopping by! :)

I've always enjoyed baking cakes and cookies when I was growing up but never from scratch. One day in 2009, I started baking and the rest is HISTORY!

For about a year, I taught myself how to bake, through determination and many failed attempts, it never stopped me from thinking of enrolling myself into Pastry School. I thought about it long and hard for over a year. Find out more on how I came to a decision - My Pastry Thoughts...

You can follow my Pastry School Journey here... 
During my year at pastry school, I managed to find work in the most renowned Patisseries; and learning from the best! I was working part time in Adriano Zumbo and La Renaissance & Baroque at the Rocks as a Pastry Cook.

I am thankful that with my exposure, I am able to take home orders from friends and family to further grow my passion.

Some of the desserts that you see on my blog, are available for order, but if there is something you would like and can't find it, feel free to just email me.
Interested? Send me an email to passionatemae@gmail.com .

Thanks so much for your support and I hope you'll continue visiting Passionatemae - sharing with you my experiences, tips, tricks, recipes and more with you.

Say Hi it would be great to hear from you!

Happy baking! :)

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