Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Itch to Bake

I've not baked since I got back from Holidays, of course apart from the Swirl Caramel Cheesecake. But that isn't baking, as I only had to mix the ingredients together, put it in the fridge and "Wowlah"!..
Therefore, I'm not taking that as I've baked.

My hands are feeling a lil' itchy, I want to bake, just thinking of what to make.

I watched a Strawberry Jam Recipe online earlier, and since I loveee Strawberry Jam, I am thinking of making my own. The video did not seem difficult, but who knows, I am sure I'll encounter some sort of issue :)

Does anyone know where I am able to get sweet strawberries which are not too pricey as well as jam bottles????

Also, last weekend, we went up with a bunch of friends to Blue Mountains to eat scones & strawberry jam (yummy) it was so fluffy and light, and the jam was so smooth and delicious, not artificial at all. One of my friends kinda drank the jam like a drink once no one else wanted it anymore. heheeh...

I will load up photos of what we did in Blue Mountains soon, just that I do not have my photos with me yet, it is still in the camera :P. This time I'll try not to take too long to load up the photos okay :)

Catch you next post ! :)


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hi Mae! Good question about strawberry jam, there are some places in Orange that sell jam standard fruit although that's probably too far to travel :( You asked about my email address? It's info [at]notquitenigella [dot]com replacing the at and dot) :)

Passionate Mae said...

Hi Lorraine.


Yes, Orange seems a lil' too far :) but will take note if I ever travel there.