Monday, May 31, 2010

Love this song!

Usher - OMG

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Wesak Day!

So guess what?

I was testing out the iPad outside. The connection in Coffee Bean isn't that great. It was so slow.

Anyway, today is Wesak day! It is an important day for the Buddhists.

It is Buddha's Enlightenment Day.

There's traffic everywhere. Last night we decided to visit the temple because today would be really packed with people but to our surprise, others were thinking alike too.

And OMG!!! I ate so much today. Crazy. Will post photos when I upload it as I do not have them in the iPad. I've also taken photos of our temple visit last night too.

Have a good night all.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogging from an iPad :)

So those who manage to get their hands on an iPad, will surely fall in love with it. I know I am.

I wish it belongs to me but obviously not.

I must say it is really convenient to use and it is really light. And you might think it is hard to type, but I must say guess again. It feels so great to be typing on this screen. Heheh

The only think I wished it had was an input to read my hard disk and maybe a SD card reader too. And who knows the next iPad generation might even have a camera and video recording feature. To me, nothing is impossible with Apple! Imagine holding up the iPad to snap a picture or to record. How cool would it be!

Anyway, the iPad isn't in the Malaysian market yet, but in Australia you can actually pre-order from the 28th onwards already!

Weeee, I can't wait to test the other features of this iPad!

Thumbs up to apple!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine, Pavilion KL

Went out for dinner the other night, we went to this Thai Restaurant in Pavilion called Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine (Level 6).

Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine

Here's what we ate.

Clear Tom Yang Goong Soup with Seafood - real kick to it. you've got to have more

Red Curry chicken with Deep-fried salted fish - It was alright, not as syiok as the Tom Yum Goong Soup

Thai Fish Cakes with Sweet Chilli peanuts dipping sauce, the cakes were soft and delicious!

The Sizzling Beef with some Pepper sauce to go with - the beef was tender and isn't dry, though I do not particularly eat beef, but this was not too bad.

 Tom Yum Fried Rice with Seafood, not too bad, the squid was a lil rubbery for my liking. The Tom Yum taste isn't as strong and it doesn't give you the same kick as the Tom Yum Goong Soup.

And we had steam mixed vegetables with sambal belacan. You've got to have this with the belacan. The hotter the better.

I know you must be thinking where's the desserts! Oh well, we were too full to actually want to eat their desserts, I know you must be like what?? How can you eat Thai food without having their desserts. Definitely next round will make room for it!

Overall experience, thumbs up! I would recommend it to anyone.

Celadon Royal Thai CuisineCeladon Royal Thai Cuisine
Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine, Pavilion KL
Level 6
Tel. : 03-2148 8708

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guess what we bought! King of Fruits!

Last night, we bought this.

Guess what is it?

Its taste and smell is just so out of this world! Most Malaysians love to eat this, while others can't stand the pungent smell.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Yes, it is the King of all Fruits!  DURIANS!!!!

OMG, so yummy! It has been a while since I last ate this, I did not manage to have this when I home back the other time. And I have tried the ones in the fridge sold in Australia, cannot compare at all. 

It is sweet, rich & full of flavour. That durian taste, oh so yummy.

Salivating yet?

Just make sure, if you are in Malaysia, do make sure to try it okay, if you havent.
The good ones to buy are D101, D24, Kampung ones are alright. Siamese ones (that's if you're really desperate, otherwise don't).

Make sure to get them to cut open up for you if you're not having it there at the stall itself, so that you can take a look at its flesh, make sure it isn't wet, it should be just soft enough to touch like a pillow but it shouldn't be mushy.

Will definitely eat more Durians while I am back!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Japan - Sneak Peek

So some of you know that I just got back from a holiday.

I was in Japan. And boy oh boy! I must say, it is such a great country to visit!

They are so hi-tech and efficient. Everything is automated, even the toilets!

There were so much food, all the knick knacks.

I went to Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo (Shibuya -  that's where the Hachiko statue is at, will tell you a story about it another time if you dont know already, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ginza, Ikebukuro), Mt. Fuji all in 5 days! Definitely was a hectic one, but I must say it was really fun! Will definitely go back there again!

Now, pictures!

Look at their packaging.

A common sight of vending machines across Japan, and they are working properly, no vandalism.

Look at this beauty, bullet train

Can you see how beautiful these are.

Pretty presentations

Japanese slippers

Famous Shibuya Crossing that usually appears in movies!!

Hachiko statue! Such a sad but touching story! There's movie out starred by Richard Gere, should go and watch it.

More updates in the next post.

Dear reader, thanks for visiting still. I know I haven't been updating much.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Me Likey Likey :)

My current wish list :)

I want these!!!


I can't decide which colour I like more. Hmm.. I like the Raspberry more!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Holiday and Happy Mother's Day Mummy!


I am going on a Holiday on my Holiday!! hehe..confused?

Hehe. As some of you know that at the moment I am on a long break -  holiday back home. And I am heading on a holiday ! I am so excited but of course at the same time, wished that W was with me too.

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone!

And yes it is also Mother's Day this sunday!

To all moms, Happy Mother's Day!

To my dearest mummy!

I just wanted to tell you that you're the coolest mom on earth! You're my bestfriend and I have no idea how I would find my way in life without your guidance, love and support. Not to forget patience too.

Hope you have a great one yes! And the good thing is I am back this year to celebrate with you this special day. 

Love you Mummy. Stay healthy and beautiful always. Happy Mom's Day, Mummy!

Your Daughter.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My All Time Favourite!

Guess what is this?!?!

Just the other day, my dearest daddy bought this for me while I was still sleeping :)


My all time favourite!!

Nasi Lemak with Chicken and Sambal Sotong (Calamari)

This is what I usually eat in the morning when I am home.