Saturday, October 31, 2009

Couple's Retreat

Have you watched Couple's Retreat yet?

We went to watch it yesterday and it was such a great movie. We both enjoyed it so much. The story has a lesson for us to learn from.

I will not say much, just in case some of you have not watched it yet, but we all can learn that we shouldn't take each other for granted, we should never ever forget how to feel, especially for our loved ones (to feel that connection, that bond), we do not forget to communicate and to show each other how we feel for one another. It is really important to not only tell how we feel, but to also show them how we feel.

Communication is key in a relationship, there are also Commitment, Honesty, Patience, Sense of humour, Compromising and many others. It is important to have these values and to practise it in your relationship for it to work.

No relationship is made in heaven, it takes a lot of effort to make it work, but it can only work if both parties do it together. If it is just one sided, I do not think that person working at it would be able to handle it for very long, as it is tiring. Like what one of the guy said in the Couple's Retreat movie, (something along the lines of) "A relationship isn't a one way street, but it is a 2 way thing". I know those aren't the exact words at all, but it is true, it takes 2 hands to clap :)

Anyway, if you've not seen the movie, go and watch it. It  is funny and there's something we all can learn from it.

And and and, did I mention how Beautiful the resort/island that this movie was shot, GOSH!! *i want to go there too :)* and the sexy babes ;)

Anyway, have a great night.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Healthy me?

Guess what, I decided to be healthy today, started off with 1 yakult drink and then some cereals with milk for breakky.

Instead of all those sugary treats like cookies, brownies, and cakes :)

No wonder I am growing sideways. With this new found passion of mine (baking), it is re-sizing my size :P hehe, yea, i know there’s the Wii Fit or the Gym :)

So here’s to a healthy start, *hopefully it’ll last*. I need to keep in shape, I’ve got an occassion to attend at the end of the year. *that should motivate me, right????!!!* heheeh


The sound of Chocolicious is making the side of my cheeks tingle with the thought of all the sugary yum yums in my motuh..

So, I made some chocolate lava cake yesterday in was sooo chocolatey..the amount of chocolate that was used…it was just like a block of chocolate…anyway…as much as it sounds oh so chocolate-y…. my 1st attempt in making it..Failed :( the bottom part was still a lil too runny instead of a cake-like texture…but the middle part was all glooeey and runny which is the right texture for a chocolate lava cake.

The chocolate was really rich and it was at the right sweetness…hmm..must be something i did wrong along the way…maybe the temperature was too hot..but i will definitely try it again…

The recipe looks easy to make..but i guess you’ve got to have the skills to make it??

It’s okay, it is only my 1st attempt at it, no hearts broken yet and I am still on a look out for other chocolate lava cake recipes to give it another shot! :)

I will try until i manage to make it look like the 2 pictures above..nyumm ;)

Me Love Cookies and Cream

Just the other day, I made some baked oreo cheesecake. So I went shopping for all the ingredients, of course the main ingredient was OREO Cookies and it was great because it was also on SALE, nyumm ;) . I am not sure whether it is just me or it is really hard to find Oreo’s cheesecake in Sydney. But guess what, I came across it the other day in this cafe…*thinking where I saw it*…blahh…I cannot remember. Anyways, since I love everything Cookies and Cream, I decided to make myself some Oreo’s cheesecake :) It wasn’t difficult, just a lot of work. That’s just how I felt, as you’ve got to separate the cookies, taking out the cream and all, breaking and crushing them into pieces and so on…

So I baked my Oreo’s cheesecake and decorated it with the Oreo’s cookie itself on top…oh my, that’s too much went well, it wasn’t too sweet but sweet enough. It was really yummy and creamy. It wasn’t too cheesy, so it definitely did not make me feel sick after a few bites.

I present to you my Baked Oreo’s Cheesecake.

ooo, I am planning to make some Cookies and Cream cupcakes, not too sure whether it’ll be cheese based or just normal cupcake. Will update when I make them.

And also, I did try to make the Non-baked Oreo’s Cheesecake. It wasn’t too bad as well, but it was a little too sweet for my liking. I prefer the baked one though.

Here’s a picture of my Non-baked Oreo’s Cheesecake…hehehe I know, you can see the base plate from my cake tin :) I forgot to use a grease paper…

Charlie bit my finger

This is just too cute not to share :)


Gone Bananas

I so feel like baking at the moment, but I can’t because I’m not at home now..

Ooooooo, i’ve got some ripe bananas at home, so I guess, I’ll be making some banana cake tonight :) Can’t wait..having those itchy fingers again.

I love banana cakes that are moist and rich in its flavour..

Here are my cakes..I’ve added some walnuts and white chocolate bits as my toppings :)

Banana Cake Recipe

110 g butter

175 g caster sugar

2 medium eggs or 1 large egg

4 very ripe bananas

200 g self raising flour

¼ tsp bicarbonate soda

1) Cream/mix together the butter and caster sugar
2) Beat eggs properly, then add eggs to mixture and beat together
3) Mash banana, and add to mixture – stir/fold (a little) together
4) Sift flour and bicarbonate soda to mixture and fold into mixture
5) Put mixture into tin (1/2 -3/4 full)
6) Bake in pre-heated oven of 155 C for 1 hour 10mins or until the skewer comes out clean
7) Let it cool first before turning out on cooling rack.
8 ) Serve with ice-cream

Enjoy! ;)

p/s: sorry about the poor quality photos, it is just that I do not have my SLR with me at the moment.


Halloween is just around the corner…I was told that it isn’t really big in Aussieland. I’ve never been or celebrated Halloween before, so I thought to myself, why not? Do something different this year.

Over the weekend, my boy and I went Halloween shopping where they were selling loads of Halloween costumes. It was too expensive, there were sexy costumes, scary ones, funny ones, unusual ones. There were so many different choices to choose from their accessories section. And you know what, even the Christmas section is up :)

So we bought a costume each, of course I will not reveal what it would be yet, as Halloween is this weekend, I do not want to spoil the fun..will keep you guessing at the moment.

ooo I so can’t wait for the weekend :)

Customer Service

I received a lovely package this morning. It was for a product that I complaint about because it was giving me a burning sensation on my skin. The lady from the company did a briliant job in making me happy again.

Goodies..and some Rimmel London Cosmetics

What I am saying here is that, it is so hard to get a good customer service where they go through great length to make you happy again. It is usually the usual round about chase and like most times, you've got to relate your story to a different person all over again. But with this company, they really did a good job.

Why can't there be more services like this? Providing us with a better customer service experience.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I made some sugary treats over the weekend. I couldn’t help myself but to bake 2 different ones, M&M cookies and a Chocolate Brownie. It was soo yummy, it din’t last long at all. It wasn’t a hard one to make. Just simple ones where you can make if you’ve got some time to spare while waiting for the rest to get ready :)

Thanks for the recipe Karen.

More yummy treats next time.

Stay Tuned

I will be sharing with you on things that I am passionate about in life.