Monday, November 9, 2009

Let's do the Twist

So, I've had a really busy week last week.

With birthday parties to plan, going to the movies (This is it - Michael Jackson), went on a Birthday date too at Westin and of course I made some yummy treats too.

Had some close friends over on Friday to celebrate a Surprise Birthday for dear. He was completely surprised!  *mission complete* :)

We had Birthday decorations around the house with Balloons , party hats, party poppers :) As for food, we had Pizzas and drinks :)

I also had the time to bake some Cupcakes Twist as desserts as well as his birthday cake.

We played 2 games after the Birthday song and cake.

The cupcakes are Vanilla and chocolate flavour with White Chocolate Cream Cheese icing.

Anyway, here are the pictures :)

Let's do the Twist Cupcakes

On another note, I tried out this Peanut Cookie recipe that I took from my sifu Aunty :)
It turned out really well, although not as round shaped as hers, but the cookies really melts in the mouth...It is really smooth and just YUM!

Melts in your mouth Peanut Cookies

Overall, what a great week! :)

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