Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy 25th Anniversary Mummy and Daddy!

Today is Mummy and Daddy's special day..

It is their 25th Anniversary!


After 25 years, my parents are still so happily married to one another.

25 years is a very long time, but they are still very loving and they are just perfect for one another..yes, you might think I'm bias because they are my parents...but my parents are still so much in love with one another...and the bond and connection that they have is just AMAZING..

Their kind of relationship is the kind of relationship as well as parenting style that I want for myself..if not even better...

Being there for each other through thick and thin....and what more, they surely make great parents :)

With their love, care and ever so patient personality *yay*, we as their kids, we get to enjoy that GIFT!

They are so ever there to pass on and share their knowledge and experience with us, they always want to hear what our own thoughts are, they give guidance and support at the right amount. I'm so lucky to be their daughter.

I love you guys so much..can't wait to see you soon :)


Tahlove said...

Hi, This is kind of random, but I'd like to know where you got this photo. I want to use it for my business cards and want to get permission first. Thanks for your help!

Passionate Mae said...

Hey Tahlove,

Sure, thanks for checking, but I got it randomly from the Internet. So I can't really tell you who is the original owner. Sorry.