Friday, November 6, 2009

I am so crazy over you......

I am trying to get my hands on this Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook (HardCover)

Doing some research in terms of the cheapest I can buy.

This is what I found out.

Kinokuniya KL - RM160
Kinokuniya AU - AU$76.56

Borders AU - AU$68.95
Dymocks AU - AU$57.95 (Paperback)

Amazon - US$26.40 + (About US$28? - Shipping)

Martha Stewart's Website - US$39.99

Does anyone else know where I can get cheaper than those prices, or advise me whether I am getting a fairly reasonable price from the prices above. Though, if the book is out of Australia, I would also need to take in to account the shipping cost of it.

Her other books that I am also looking at are

Martha Stewart's Cookies

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes

I've also got my eyes on "The Baking Answer Book" by Lauren Chattman

How nice if I got them for as my Christmas Presents  *hint**hint*

hehehe ;)

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