Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are you handling it well?

Getting all stressed up can be very harmful for your body especially if it isn't handled properly . I for one, am a person who gets pretty stressed up about so many things. It might be things that it so not worth me getting stressed up about, but yet I still get stressed up.

I am still trying to manage my stress level because sometimes I can get really crazy. Feeling like my head is about to explode, I will get very irritated and agitated about everything, my head will feel so heavy and a massive head-throb to go with...Doesn't sound all too good right??!

Like this illustration below, doesn't it make you feel stressed up or sympathized on the things she needs to handle all at a time..Oh boy, that looks stressful.

Many people usually resort to smoking and drinking, or some even worst, losing themselves. This isn't a healthy or good way to manage your stress level.

The more you get stressed out, you're actually unable to focus or think rationally or logically.

Yes, I know, I'm not one to speak, but this is what I am trying to learn to manage.

One should take deep breaths, close your eyes till you stabilize first and able to hear your heart-beat. Then think, what is the issue here, how did it start, how am I going to solve this.

By putting things in perspective and managing your situation when you're in a calm and stable self will definitely help you solve your problem or at least it will help manage your stress level better.

But yes, we are all human, and sometimes when we're stressed up, we can't think properly and we tend to let it out on people that we love, and hurt them and saying things that we did not mean in the first place (That's bad, I know), and sometimes our family and friends are only there just because they are trying to help us with our situation but we snap at them.

Sometimes, to release stress, I occupy and do things that usually puts a smile on my face or something that is relaxing.

Such as

1) Listening to music :)
(aww soo cute, I miss my doggie)

2)  Playing with your pet

3) Dancing

4) Cooking/Baking

5) Shopping

(I know most girls would love this :) )

6) Reading a good book

7) Working out

I hope you're doing better now with your stress level :)


Lilas Conuts said...

Hello from Nouméa
Love the little dog listening to music

Passionate Mae said...

Hello Lilas,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Yea, the pup is sooo cute :)