Friday, July 25, 2014

Sweet Findings


I can't believe that my puppy; Cooper is 19 weeks old already! I remember the time when we first brought him home. He was unwell, but he recovered really quickly! Cooper is a pure bred beagle, if you don't know. He is smart, cheeky, playful, naughty and such a darling! He loves SOCKS!

Ooops...sorry for going off topic... *grins*

Did you discover anything interesting this week? I have! Here are my sweet findings for the week!

1 - Oh NUTELLA! Want to make a Nutella Brownie with just 2 ingredients? It's SERIOUS! Or....if you prefer another way....
pic: thekitchn

pic: serious eats

3 - Looking for something to make for afternoon tea? Check these tiny palmiers! Aren't they cute?
pic: elephantineblog

pic: foodrepublic

5 - Love Waffles? Here's 10 waffle topping ideas for your Sunday brunch! 
pic: passionatemae waffles recipe

Sweet Findings (Before)
Sweet Findings (Next)

Happy Friday! :)

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