Friday, July 18, 2014

Sweet Findings


Seriously, today was so windy, my hair was blown in all directions! Definitely not a very good day to wear a skirt or a dress. I hope you've been keeping warm too. 

Let's check out this week's sweet findings. Do you love to read? I enjoy reading novels, especially novels that has recipes or anything about food! Though I have not tried the recipes from the books below, I sure enjoy reading them.

1 - Have you read Jenny Colgan's collection? "Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe" or "Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams" or "Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe" ? I love these books. Below you can see she has other titles too. You've got to check it out yourself.
 pic: jenniferjoycewrites

2 - How about Tracy Madison's "A Taste of Magic"? Seriously, I was hooked! 
pic: goodreads

3 - "If only everything in life was as simple as baking a cake...", written by Cathy Woodman; titled "The Sweetest Thing" is another one to read.
pic: floortoceilingbooks

4 - How nice it would be if you are part of "The Cookie Club"? Check out this number by Ann Pearlman.
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5 - Don't forget to also add this novel to your list, called "The Saturday Supper Club" by Amy Bratley.
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You can get all these books from Book Depository. Free Shipping! :)

If you have novels that you've read or would recommend, please share in the comments section. 

Sweet Findings (Before)
Sweet Findings (Next)

Happy Reading! :)

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