Friday, April 8, 2011

Lesson 9: Stew Beef in Red Wine Pie, Apple Fritters, Cinnamon Sugar Donuts & Exams

Yet another busy busy day!

Learning how to stew beef in red wine. Made some pies. Chopped up some apples. Played with dough and cut them into rounds to make doughnuts!

Can you imagine how busy we were in the kitchen. Running about here and there. Okay, not really running as we're not allowed to run in the kitchen EVER! but you get the picture.

So now, pictures. pictures. pictures.

 Stew Beef in Red Wine for Pie Filling

Stew Beef Pie 

Trick to remember that you've got all your ingredients before mixing it up all together is to make small pockets in your flour to check that you've got everything, our dear teacher taught us that!

Played with dough! Donut dough!
So we did some punching!

Cut rounds for the donuts!

Deep fry them and toss it in cinnamon sugar to finish it.
 Hot Donut rings and balls

Don't you think that the apple fritters and donuts look so alike?

Feel like a donut now? I know I do!

The next day, we had exams. We are tested on making the beef in red wine, mashed potatoes, and apple fritters!
 This is how I presented mine...

I also took the liberty to show you how my classmates presented theirs...
 Can you spot mine?

Apple Fritters served with Ice cream & Passionfruit topping!

Finally, no more cooking!! I'm sure many of you is so looking to the Chocolate class just like how we couldn't wait to learn about chocolates! Therefore, next class would be on chocolate!

See you then! :)

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