Monday, April 18, 2011

Lesson 10a: Introduction to Chocolate

We're finally here!!

Are you a chocolate person?! I know I am! Come to think of it, I think everyone is a Chocolate person!

So let me explain to you a little bit about chocolate!

There are 2 types of chocolate:
(Left) Compound and Couverture (Right)

Photo by dapurcokelat

Difference between the 2 types:
Couverture chocolates are expensive compared to compound.
Compound chocolates comes in blocks.
Couverture chocolates do not last as long as compound.
Compound chocolates does not get processed as thorough as couverture.

It is important to temper the chocolate before working with it. What do I mean by tempering?
Basically melting and cooling down the chocolate at the right temperature according to what chocolate you're using.
White chocolate is very sensitive to heat.

There are 4 types of ways to temper chocolate:
Vaccination/Seeding method - Melting 2/3 chocolates then adding remaining 1/3 tempered chocolate.
Direct warming method - Using a tempering tank with a thermostat.
Tabling method - Pouring 2/3 melted chocolate onto a marble top, manipulating it before adding it back to the 1/3 balance of chocolate.
Water bath method - Melting chocolate in a hot water bath then transferring it immediately over to a ice cold water bath.

There will be a video and more about tempering chocolates in the next post!

Enjoy! :)

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