Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mindless Train Riders

To all train riders,

Is it so difficult for you to mind your own bags???

It isn't that hard to be mindful and aware of where your belongings are you know. Just don't hit people or keep jabbing people with your items.

It is pretty irritating and selfish.

This morning, in the train to work, this guy, didn't seem to know what's personal space, he stood so closely, it is invading, his stop hasn't even reached yet. Please, there's a certain distance for you to keep when you're standing next to someone, I can understand if the TRAIN is CROWDED. but it wasn't. MOVE ASIDE! What more to those who are just too oblivious when they have knocked someone and not apologise.

I do not understand why train riders are so impatient?? The door ain't going to close on you when people are still moving in and out of the train, dumbass! (please mind my language). Just wait for your turn.

And it isn't that hard to MOVE ASIDE while people are trying to GET OUT OF THE TRAIN, especially to those that just stand in the MIDDLE of the train door, how do you think people are going to get out!!

Where's your manners?? It is common sense!

It'll make things smoother if you just STAND ASIDE, and let people in the train to come out first, before PUSHING your way into the train.

Dear train riders, be patient! and be mindful of your own belongings.

You ain't the only person in the train okay!

I am sure many have had the same experience.

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