Thursday, February 11, 2010

Has anyone heard of Hostec before?

Has anyone heard of before for their Patisserie course? I know compared to Le Cordon Bleu, of course most would take LCB, but I am trying to open up my options.

Can anyone comment on this?

Or maybe you might know someone who is in Hostec.



Danielle Raunjak said...

Hi Passionate Mae,

Im Danielle and am studying my Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management at Hostec this year! Im not focusing on the patisserie side butI do know that my favourite thing about the Hostec Academy is that you study within leading Australian Hotels such as Sydney Tower Restaurant, Sydney Mariott, InterContinential Melbourne, Sebel Citigate Brisbane and Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach. Personally, I chose Hostec International Academy because they have developed within hospitality as a training and recruitment solution and through this have maintained great experience and contacts to give us, as Hostec students, a foot up into the industry. The Industry Placement Program also gives us as students a great place for employment to give us better experience to go with our learning!

I think calling Hostec and inquiring about the course can also give you a better understanding of what to expect and other great things they offer!

Hope I helped

Passionate Mae said...

Hello Danielle,

Thanks for the tip :) Appreciate it loads. I have made contact with them but waiting for them to send further information to me.

Have fun studying!

And thanks for visiting my blog :)