Saturday, March 20, 2010

Officially Autumn!

So it has been a while since I last posted an entry.

I've been pretty busy running around. Therefore, I apologise for not keeping here updated.

So how have your week been? Busy? March is almost gone..

Easter is around the corner!

So have you all been practising your Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs skills?

I've made Hot Cross Buns twice already, still trying to find a good fluffy recipe.

As I'm not a fan of just raisins buns, I've added Chocolate chips too :)

Both times with different recipes.

By any chance anyone know any fluffy & moist ones? The first I tried with lemon icing on top as crosses :) and the 2nd one was with all purpose flour, I find the flour version comes out too hard after baking, I ended up just removing the crosses when I'm having one.

Also the easter show is gonna be here sometime early April.

I'm excited :)

Anyway, have a good weekend, weather has been pretty warm  lately.

Will update soon.

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