Friday, September 5, 2014

Sweet Findings


My husband got me a Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta machine for our anniversary. I have not used it yet, but surely am excited to make my own pasta from scratch!

I used to buy the supermarket home brand pasta. The cheaper the better. I did not care about whether there was egg in it or not. Then I started to feel a little sick after eating it. That's when I took more care when I bought my pasta. I looked for gluten free, egg pasta, the more gourmet ones.

But since I have my very own pasta machine, I can't wait to make my very own fresh ones!

p/s: I made my own fresh pasta - check it out here! There's a recipe too!

Are you guilty of buying the cheapest non-egg pasta too?

Here's this week's Sweet Findings.

1 - Here are 10 ways to use your Food Processor.
pic: thekitchn

2 - Love Mint? Here are the Dos and Don'ts
pic: apartmenttherapy

3 - Complete guide to store Flour correctly.
pic: thekitchn

4 - Do you have a toast every morning? And your toaster needs a clean? Here's how.
pic: thekitchn

5 - Let's wrap up the week and kick start the weekend with a Boozy milkshake
pic: howsweeteats

Happy September!! :)

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