Monday, September 1, 2014

Review: BigLolly Goodies

It is CANDY time! 

Recently, a box of lollies arrived at my doorstep organised by Gina from SavagePR courtesy of Biglolly

Biglolly sells lollies, candy and confectionary for all occasions. You can buy in bulk or in wholesale quantity. If you're thinking of having a candy buffet at your party, corporate events or wedding, Biglolly can help you! 

You can buy these goodies from their online store. There's free shipping when you buy above $60.

Anyway, I have tested these goodies, and here are my take on them. 

They are so fluffy and soft. Taste good, not artificial or chewy.

2 - Tornado Bars
It is pretty sour, it will make the side of your cheeks funny.

Not too sweet, has a nice chewy texture to it. 

The chocolate is a little artificial for my liking.

It is pretty sweet. Chocolate quality not too bad, taste close to Cadbury chocolate.

Not a big fan of it, it has a crack finish, but can't really pinpoint the taste of the chocolate.

Soft, and chewy. The raspberry flavour is very pronounced. 

Just like how a lollipop is. It isn't too sweet in taste but taste a little artificial for me.

These are my favourite amongst the lot, the chocolate taste just like Cadbury.

So there it is, my take on the goodies. There are different candy brands that Biglolly carries. I am reviewing the Splash brand.

These review are my very own, and I have been given the lollies to sample. 

Thanks again to BigLolly for these goodies!

Happy Spring! :)

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