Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lesson 16: Genoise Sponge & Black Forest Swiss Roll

After learning all about chocolate and how to temper (if you've missed the chocolate classes, click here), we move on to preparing and producing cakes.

Yes, learning about sponges! Making sponges is the most basic skill any Pastry Chef should know how to make. It is the basis of most cakes.

We made a genoise sponge cake and a Black Forest swiss roll.

Do you know what are the difference between a conventional sponge and genoise sponge?
Conventional Sponge - made from eggs, sugar and flour.
Genoise Sponge - made from eggs, sugar, flour and butter.

Genoise Sponge is definitely richer in taste and texture.

The more eggs that you put in making a sponge, the higher and richer in quality it'll be.

Making sponge is really simple once you've master the technique of folding the flour into the batter without beating out too much of air.

We were taught to use a whisk, spatula and a scraper. There's no right tool to use when folding the flour in, it is what you're most comfortable with.
*note - do not use the whisk to whisk but rather using it like a spatula.

I hope this is not all too confusing for you.

Here's what I made....
Genoise Sponge topped with Meringue, Strawberries, Sugared Almonds

Black Forest Swiss Roll

Let's move on to making more cakes shall we! :)


Anonymous said...

Haven't had a Swiss roll in years. I like the chocolate ones (like yours) better than the plain ones.

Passionate Mae said...

thanks! i love eating swiss roll, it's so fluffy and light! yum! I've made a coffee swiss roll too, click here if you want to look at it...