Monday, March 14, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, ICE CREAM!!

I know that Summer has come and gone. And you might not be interested in what I've got to share with you. But I will share and hope that you'll read it anyway.

Do you know that there are about 9 different types of ice creams?!

(Adapted from A passion for Ice Cream by Emily Luchetti)

1 - Sorbet: There isn't any fat in it unless a particular ingredient such as coconut or chocolate is used. It is made out of water, sugar and fruit puree (a flavouring ingredient). This is great for those who are watching their figure.

2 - Granita: It is an icy, cool and refreshing type of dessert which also uses the same type of ingredients as a sorbet. It is frozen in a pan in the freezer and is mixed periodically with a fork to break up the ice crystals. It also helps to cleanse your palate.

3 - Sherbet: Primarily made in fruit flavours. It has dairy products in it but has less fat than ice cream.

4 - Frozen Yogurt: Very popular as a soft-serve. Usually mixed with other dairy ingredients to yield a smooth texture.

5 - Parfaits: In France, it is a frozen dessert made of several flavours of cooked custards that are layered in tall glass. While in US, it is more like sundaes with layered ice cream, sauces and fruit.

6 - Semifreddos: An Italian origin which translates as "half frozen".

7 - Frozen Custards: Very popular in the Midwest. Like French ice cream, it must have a fat content of at least 10% and contains 1.4% egg yolks which make it smooth and creamy. It has a velvety texture and a cleaner taste than commercial soft-serve ice cream. It's served slightly warmer than an ice cream and made daily.

8 - Low-fat, light & reduced-fat ice cream: Just means ice cream with less fat. But surely, it wouldn't have the same satisfaction when eating a full fat ice cream.

9 - Gelato: Definitely has less fat, less air, less sugar and more intense flavour than ice cream. It includes both cream and non cream-based frozen dessert. Gelato is originally from Italy. There are several types of gelato which vary from region to region.

Hope you have enjoyed an 
"I Scream, You Scream, ICE CREAM!!" time with me! :)

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