Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pastry School : Lesson 2 (Knife Skills, Sneak Peek & Hygiene)

The second week of class was more exciting than the first because we got to see how puff pastry is made from scratch! Yeps! Our pastry teacher said that because it is a pastry course, he wants to give us a sneak peek of it.

Before I tell you about puff pastry, I want to tell you about other stuff first.

First and foremost, I forgot to bring my camera yet again! So, I apologise for the lack of photos. I hope I'll remember to bring it to the next class. Or hopefully, when I practice at home, I'll snap some photos for you to see, and update this post.

So, we were told to practice our knife skills from the previous lesson. More... "Brunoise, Macedoine, Paysanne, Julienne and Jardiniere". Also, learning the right way to turn vegetables. It looks like a bullet with 2 sharp ends. It isn't easy for me, I'm pretty afraid that I'll cut my finger. So I definitely need more practice.

Next up was tomatoes. Blanching; tomatoes in simmering water to remove the skin easy. Some chopped onions and skinless tomatoes were sautéed in a pan. Our pastry teacher used it as a topping for the pizza.

And now, the part you've been waiting for...Puff Pastry. Our pastry teacher showed us how it was made. It looks simple. Everyone was so excited because we got to learn something pastry. He told us that it was important o roll and fold the puff pastry dough the right way and we shouldn't do more than 6 folds. The best past was he was making us Puff Pastry Pizza style. YUM! We got to have a slice each. It was really yummy! All of us couldn't wait to make it ourselves.

We learnt about Hygiene - The risk and importance of it.
Our teacher also told us that we should check out this FoodAuthority website, where we're able to find a "Name & Shame" list of food outlets in NSW. Below are the different types of list.

I lost my appetite after reading the list and their offenses. All you have to do to read about their offense is to mouse over the "Penalty notice no."

My dear reader, "Did your favourite eatery appear in the Name & Shame list?" I hope not.

Hope you enjoyed today's lesson! :)

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