Thursday, December 30, 2010

Summery Mango Kisses

A bunch of us got together and celebrated Christmas eve. 

We made it into a potluck style, where we're to bring a dish.

Guess what I brought?

Desserts of course!

It's easy.

All you need are:
Meringue Kisses (Coles sells them) - crush/break with your hands
Fresh Mangoes (chill) - slice and chop them 
Passionfruit sauce (chill) - I used passionfruit sauce with yogurt, because that was all I could find at the supermarket.
Pistachios - grounded
Whipped Cream (chill)

1. Assemble layer by layer - alternating.
2. Leave the chopped mangoes at the end for the top.
3. Serve.

*best served chilled, so only assemble when you're ready to eat.
 (Chill - Mangoes, Passionfruit sauce and Whipped cream)
*if you don't like Yogurt (i scooped out more passionfruit sauce than yogurt), you can use Mascarpone cream or just buy Passionfruit sauce - Victoria Basement sells them.

Enjoy! :)

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