Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guess what we bought! King of Fruits!

Last night, we bought this.

Guess what is it?

Its taste and smell is just so out of this world! Most Malaysians love to eat this, while others can't stand the pungent smell.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Yes, it is the King of all Fruits!  DURIANS!!!!

OMG, so yummy! It has been a while since I last ate this, I did not manage to have this when I home back the other time. And I have tried the ones in the fridge sold in Australia, cannot compare at all. 

It is sweet, rich & full of flavour. That durian taste, oh so yummy.

Salivating yet?

Just make sure, if you are in Malaysia, do make sure to try it okay, if you havent.
The good ones to buy are D101, D24, Kampung ones are alright. Siamese ones (that's if you're really desperate, otherwise don't).

Make sure to get them to cut open up for you if you're not having it there at the stall itself, so that you can take a look at its flesh, make sure it isn't wet, it should be just soft enough to touch like a pillow but it shouldn't be mushy.

Will definitely eat more Durians while I am back!

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