Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogging from an iPad :)

So those who manage to get their hands on an iPad, will surely fall in love with it. I know I am.

I wish it belongs to me but obviously not.

I must say it is really convenient to use and it is really light. And you might think it is hard to type, but I must say guess again. It feels so great to be typing on this screen. Heheh

The only think I wished it had was an input to read my hard disk and maybe a SD card reader too. And who knows the next iPad generation might even have a camera and video recording feature. To me, nothing is impossible with Apple! Imagine holding up the iPad to snap a picture or to record. How cool would it be!

Anyway, the iPad isn't in the Malaysian market yet, but in Australia you can actually pre-order from the 28th onwards already!

Weeee, I can't wait to test the other features of this iPad!

Thumbs up to apple!

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