Monday, January 17, 2011

Know where to get the best prices for your Kitchenware!

Do you usually compare prices online for your kitchenware items?

I do and I would love to share with you a few sites that I use all the time.

Ships only within Australia. 

Peter's of Kensington 
Online & Retail
Based in Kensington, Sydney.
2 options: Online (Delivery / Pick up) or Go to the store directly to purchase.
There is a delivery fee, please check Shipping Rates .
Delivery takes about 3-10 working days.

Victoria Basement
Online & Retail
Based in 5 locations - Castle Hill, Queen Victoria Building, Artarmon, Auburn(HQ) and Alexandria, Sydney.
2 options: Online (Delivery) or Go to the store directly to purchase.
There is a delivery fee according to location, please check Shipping Rates .
Delivery takes about 7-14 working days.

Based in Perth.
1 option: Online (Delivery) only
Free delivery on all orders over $100. Flat rate shipping fee $10 on orders below $100.
Delivery takes about 5-10 working days.

Based in Mt Kuringai, NSW
2 options: Online (Delivery / Pick up - by appointment only)
Flat rate shipping fee of $6.90.
Delivery takes about 3-10 working days.

I've personally bought from Peter's of Kensington, Victoria Basement and KitchenWareDirect before. I've got friends who buy from Everten too.

So far, Peter's of Kensington is the cheapest based on the items I've looked for.

KitchenWareDirect has a "Limited Time Offer", this is usually when the product is new - Introductory Prices.

Hope this helps. Happy Shopping!

Enjoy! :)

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