Monday, April 8, 2013

How to BAKE using the Oven GRILL?

So, a couple of months back, my oven died on me. My usual fan-forced function decided to retire. It was so upsetting, as it meant that I wouldn't be able to bake until I get it fixed. I rang up the technician, and as expected, it cost me a few hundreds to get it fixed. I wasn't prepared to pay that much. To my delight, I realised it was only my fan-forced function that wasn't working, and my other oven functions were still good.

I did not want to pay a few hundreds just to fix one I decided to test myself to bake with the GRILL function.

It worked! All I had to do was to just reduce the time my goodies are in the oven by 5-15 mins depending on what I'm baking. Also, to put a bowl of water in the oven when I'm baking too, as to keep the moisture in my goodies especially cakes/cheesecake but not for cookies. Grill oven tends to dry out your baked goods. As for cookies, I did not have a bowl of water in there, and it turned out just fine :)

Try it! You'll be surprised.

Let me know your experiences, it'll be great to share! :)

Enjoy! :)