Sunday, May 26, 2013

Winter in 6 days time!

How have you all been?
It has been a while ay....
I know I'm sorry.
With the new job and wedding plans, I hardly have any time to blog.
Autumn just came and it's almost gone, how quick!
I've not been baking much, but I still bake here and there. 
Just yesterday, I made some mini churros with nutella dip. YUM! recipe from "Tiny Party Food" book. Recipe was easy, very very similar to making a profiterole.
Lately, I've been trying many different salad recipes too. Trying to keep healthy...yea yea...the wedding is around the corner as well.. :)
I have so much to update. 
I received some products, tried them..and I can't wait to share it with you all. SOON!

Anyway, I update my Instagram pretty if you like, hop on over to Instagram and follow me - Passionatemae :)

Mostly, it's all about food..but there are times it's just about what I see, what's around :)

Catch up soon my dear readers! :)

Have a good Monday!