Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a great weekend...

What a busy weekend :)

Had a really full day yesterday,an exhibition was on at the Entertainment Quarters. It wasn't too bad, it is way bigger than the one in Perth (duh....), but there were many of the same type of stores over and over again..

They had 2 stages, if i remembered correctly, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. There were soooo many people. The shows were alright, did not really follow all of them. just wanted to walk around and see what was happening. Bought nothing, but I must say there were so many types of costumes and accessories. Some of the costume materials were not too bad while some was poor and cheap in quality. It was easy to judge by the price it was selling for. Plenty of ladies were looking at costumes, I guess it was Halloween yesterday as well, so maybe they were shopping for their Halloween party??

Then went out for a Halloween party at Verandah Bar in the city. They played really good music that night. Many were also the latest songs. It was a good mix.Two "Bride to Be"  having their hen's party there too, they were really partying and enjoying themselves and hmm, flirting with random guys. OH boy...maybe because it was their 'last night'? Hot saucy dancers were dancing on stage, hehe you could see the guys staring at them :P.

It was a great night, the club wasn't overly packed until we were sandwiched like sardines, so that's a good thing, it was just great music and great friends :)

Oh yea, I went as the devil :) I've not loaded up my pictures yet. So for now, no pictures at the moment.

Hope you had a great Trick or Treat night!

As for Sunday, a LAZY one absolutely, slept too late last night. Only thing I did which was productive, was I baked some cookies tonight :) Another batch of M&Ms, the last time was just too yummy. it is easy to make as well.

Anyway, that's all for now. It is almost midnight...and I've got to work tomorrow. Yea, it is Monday again tomorrow. Can't wait for the weekend already..hehe...

Overall I had a great weekend :)

So have a good night :)

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