Saturday, October 31, 2009

Couple's Retreat

Have you watched Couple's Retreat yet?

We went to watch it yesterday and it was such a great movie. We both enjoyed it so much. The story has a lesson for us to learn from.

I will not say much, just in case some of you have not watched it yet, but we all can learn that we shouldn't take each other for granted, we should never ever forget how to feel, especially for our loved ones (to feel that connection, that bond), we do not forget to communicate and to show each other how we feel for one another. It is really important to not only tell how we feel, but to also show them how we feel.

Communication is key in a relationship, there are also Commitment, Honesty, Patience, Sense of humour, Compromising and many others. It is important to have these values and to practise it in your relationship for it to work.

No relationship is made in heaven, it takes a lot of effort to make it work, but it can only work if both parties do it together. If it is just one sided, I do not think that person working at it would be able to handle it for very long, as it is tiring. Like what one of the guy said in the Couple's Retreat movie, (something along the lines of) "A relationship isn't a one way street, but it is a 2 way thing". I know those aren't the exact words at all, but it is true, it takes 2 hands to clap :)

Anyway, if you've not seen the movie, go and watch it. It  is funny and there's something we all can learn from it.

And and and, did I mention how Beautiful the resort/island that this movie was shot, GOSH!! *i want to go there too :)* and the sexy babes ;)

Anyway, have a great night.


Anonymous said...

Not taking each other for granted is equally key, if not an active ingredient in a relationship. It's akin to rising flour that makes a cake 'grow in size'!

Passionate Mae said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Agreed :)

Anonymous said...

Check the differences between the US and UK poster versions:

Passionate Mae said...

Thanks for pointing that out..hmm..that's not good at all..why must they remove..they are good actors in the movie too :)