My Pastry Journey

Patisserie of my own Part 1 – It starts with a Dream!
From time to time, the thoughts of pursuing my passion to become a Pastry Chef floods my mind..(more)

When I read about Peggy Porschen, it daunt on me that if I ever decide to seriously have a life-changing path in my life.....that could be me...(more)

During my December break, I had a good discussion with my parents about taking up this course. Also managed to meet Le Cordon Bleu Sydney Rep in KL....(more)

It’s really a tough decision to make because it will affect my loved ones and me. Because if I ever choose to go down this path, I ...(more)

Patisserie of my own Part 5 – Specialty?
What is my specialty? I've been thinking about it lately.. What am I good at baking?
I love trying new things. But I believe...(more)

It's official! I am a pastry student...(more)

MORE on Pastry School 
If you're interested to see what I'm studying in my Pastry School, please hop on over to Pastry School  or   next time when you're on the main page, just scroll down on the right hand sidebar and look for Pastry School with this picture on it.