Friday, October 3, 2014

Sweet Findings


Spring is here! 

This week is all about Chocolate chips! Raise of hands who loves Chocolate chip?

I have gathered a short list of sweet findings with Chocolate chips this week!

1 - Seriously, let's do this! Chocolate Chip & Toffee Shortbread Cookies. (

2 - More chocolate chips! 23 life-changing ways to eat Chocolate Chip cookies. (

3 - Have some Chocolate Mud cupcakes topped with chocolate chips. (

4 - How about some Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream to keep cool during the hotter days in Spring? (

5 - This Cookie dough Swirl Marshmallow recipe is so easy to make, I've made them several times, and it's simply delicious! ( They have a book called "The Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook" - a must buy! 

6 - Quick, make a batch of Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies! Stash some frozen cookie dough in the freezer for emergency cravings! (

Happy FriYAY! :)

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