Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Oven Express to the Rescue!

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to get my oven cleaned by Oven Express for free in exchange for a review.

My oven hasn't been cleaned for about 4 years or so now. I do the occasional wiping or picking up anything that has dropped or spilled in the oven - so that it doesn't burn when I'm using it.

I've never used any chemicals to clean it as I am afraid that the fumes or chemicals used may cause some sort of explosion! *excuse the blonde moment*.

I've been reading up on how to clean the oven, many have said that baking soda does the trick but of course I haven't gotten the chance to do it!

Thank god for Oven Express! Just in time, as we are also moving out of our current place.

We have been told that our oven isn't very dirty at all and is an easy job! I was slightly embarrassed with how dirty I thought our oven was...but we were shown photos of their previous work and OMG....ours isn't too dirty at all!

Chemicals that were used by Oven Express are all natural green products, so there is no harsh chemicals, biodegradable and definitely non-toxic.

My husband and I was impressed on how professional Oven Express is, they knew exactly what to do and they started off by dismantling the oven.

So here is what happened one Saturday afternoon!

Check out this short clip.


This service usually cost around $140 for oven cleaning. Check them out as they provide other cleaning services too in the kitchen!

It is so shiny you can see your reflection!  

 Thank you Susan from Oven Express for organizing the service!
5/65-69 STATION ST
Phone: 1800 325 773
Mobile: 0411 352 259

Happy Easter! :)

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