Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to use a double boiler for your raw eggs and sugar?

Just the other day, I was making Tiramisu, usually I prefer not to have raw eggs in my recipe, so I generally put it over a double boiler. This helps to dissolve my sugar too in the recipe. It helps the mixture from being grainy.

All you a pot and another bowl to put on top of the pot. You can use a metal bowl or a Pyrex bowl like I did.

Have some water on slow boil in the pot, once that's ready, put your bowl of egg yolks and sugar on top of the pot. Make sure to beat it continuously, you don't want to cook the egg.

In my Tiramisu recipe, I make sure that my egg yolks and sugar comes to a ribbon stage. Check out the video, it is just a short clip to show you what it looks like.

I used this Tiramisu recipe on my blog, it is an old post, so please forgive some poor photos. I omitted the egg whites this time. Will refresh the recipe when I get the chance :)
Hope this helps!
Enjoy! :)

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