Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bake Off Day with Green Cilantro!

How it all started? Long story short....

Julie introduced us. Viv and I found out we were living close by and we both love baking. So we decided to set a time and day to have a bake off session!

Our theme was BANANAS! 

We started off with making pie crumbs out of Chocolate Ripple Cookies and butter. We took the short cut instead of making short pastry dough. 

Our version of Banoffee Pie!

We also used another ingredient...

 to make....Chocolate Peanut Butter Orange Pie

and ...what about Chocolate Banana with a layer of Peanut Butter?

And we were pretty adventurous! We made a Green Tea (Matcha) Japanese Cotton Cheesecake too!

It was such a fun time, that if we did not run out of time, Marshmallows and cookies were on our minds too! We looked through baking books, and just had crazee ideas on what should we make next!

We had such a great time, that we decided to meet up many more times! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! :)


Viv said...

hehe fun times :) i miss the banoffee already...gonna make another batch of dulce de leche soon!
cant wait til out next bake off soon too...will come up with some ideas in the meantime!

Passionate Mae said...

hehehe...yea perhaps! i'm excited for the next session!

sugarpuffi said...

*squee* banana bakeoff!! tsk tsk u guys for taking the shortcut :P

Zoe said...

Get to see your blog thru Viv. This banana pie is lovely. Yum!

Passionate Mae said...

sugarpuffi: we were limited on time :)
Zoe: thanks! It was definitely bananalicious!