Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Charity Fundraiser

Dear all,

As you all know that I had a Hat Day Foundation - Charity Fundraiser with St George Bank 2 weeks ago. 

Tomorrow I will be contributing Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes and Golden Chocolate Macarons to Pharmacare Laboratories for their Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Charity Fundraiser event.

I'm happy that I am able to be part of it, helping to raise funds for charity.

So, what did you do to contribute to Australia's Biggest Morning Tea?

p/s: more pictures of the event coming soon.

Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mae!!

I'm loving your blog! Those cupcakes look so adorable.

Love reading about your lessons at Pastry School - sounds so fascinating. I hope you post more about it soon :)

Passionate Mae said...

hey mel :)

Thank you! I love red velvet so muchie...

Will definitely post up soon about school!

Keep checking:)


Dolly said...

wow that looks so pro.. i want one!!!

Passionate Mae said...

dolly: Thanks! :) I do, do home orders :)