Friday, November 12, 2010

Make your own Ice-cream Cake

Thinking of making a birthday cake? 

Why not make an Ice-cream cake instead? Definitely sounds more interesting than a normal birthday cake right?

So it's easy, you only need a few ingredients and no more than 20 minutes of your time.

This is definitely a shortcut way.

You'll need:
500ml of any flavour/brand ice cream you want - thaw it for 5-10 mins before assembling.
Some snacks - chocolates, biscuits (oreos, any other)

1. Use a freezer proof bowl/tin;baking tin (it can be of any shape). Layer it with glad-wrap. 2 layers is better. Do make sure you've got enough at the top to wrap and cover the ice-cream.

2. Mix the ice cream in a mixer for 1 minute or so, but not until it looks soft/melty. 

3. Throw in whatever you want, oreos, snickers, mars, pods, wafer, maltesers, anything basically.

4. Mix properly and pour it into the bowl/tin. Cover it properly with the wrap. Press it lightly to make sure it fills every corner of the bowl/tin. 

5. Put it back into the freezer. Freeze till it firms up again and only remove it from the bowl/tin without the glad-wrap upside-down onto a serving plate when you're ready to use. 



chocolatesuze said...

i spy whole oreos on top! yum!

Passionate Mae said...

yeps, u're so right! YUM!