Friday, October 30, 2009

Me Love Cookies and Cream

Just the other day, I made some baked oreo cheesecake. So I went shopping for all the ingredients, of course the main ingredient was OREO Cookies and it was great because it was also on SALE, nyumm ;) . I am not sure whether it is just me or it is really hard to find Oreo’s cheesecake in Sydney. But guess what, I came across it the other day in this cafe…*thinking where I saw it*…blahh…I cannot remember. Anyways, since I love everything Cookies and Cream, I decided to make myself some Oreo’s cheesecake :) It wasn’t difficult, just a lot of work. That’s just how I felt, as you’ve got to separate the cookies, taking out the cream and all, breaking and crushing them into pieces and so on…

So I baked my Oreo’s cheesecake and decorated it with the Oreo’s cookie itself on top…oh my, that’s too much went well, it wasn’t too sweet but sweet enough. It was really yummy and creamy. It wasn’t too cheesy, so it definitely did not make me feel sick after a few bites.

I present to you my Baked Oreo’s Cheesecake.

ooo, I am planning to make some Cookies and Cream cupcakes, not too sure whether it’ll be cheese based or just normal cupcake. Will update when I make them.

And also, I did try to make the Non-baked Oreo’s Cheesecake. It wasn’t too bad as well, but it was a little too sweet for my liking. I prefer the baked one though.

Here’s a picture of my Non-baked Oreo’s Cheesecake…hehehe I know, you can see the base plate from my cake tin :) I forgot to use a grease paper…

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