Friday, November 7, 2014

Sweet Findings


Okay, so this week has been great! Celebrated my husband's birthday! We tried out new places to eat, chilled and just enjoyed time together!

I made this for his birthday! I will share the recipe to make this decadent birthday cake when I get the time to write down the recipe.

So, let's see what do we have for this week's Sweet Findings!

1 - How creative and adorable is this dessert! Marshmallows as cups and candy cane as the handle! (  

2 - In my first ever Sweet Finding's post, I mentioned 'The Meringue Girls' and how pretty their meringues look. Now you can make them too, check out the recipe! (

3 - Have you watched the movie 'Chef'? If you haven't you're missing out. My husband and I have watched this movie a few times now, we love it. It's all about food, it's funny and we salivate every time we watch that cheese toastie! ( &

4 - Seriously how awesome is that Massimo Castagna Glass Pot! One please! (

5 - It's good to share! I've told you many times now that I love cheesecake, the BAKED ones, but this is something different, it's a FROZEN Chocolate Cheesecake! I can't wait to try this out! (

6 - It doesn't get better than this! I love anything involving Cookies & Cream, so come on, let's make some bars! (

It's 7 more weeks to Christmas! How's the seasonal preparation coming along?

Have a good weekend! :)

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