Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My top 3 favourite ingredients

So...I thought I'll share with you my top 3 favourite ingredients to have! :)

Have I told you lately...that I LOVE eggs?!?! There are endless ideas you can do with eggs! What more can I say? You can poach, fried, steam, scramble, stew! Eggs adds richness to your baked goods and it definitely makes my meal so much more satisfying..but I guess I'm bias cause I can't live without them! Now let's jiggle!


Yes, many people may be thinking "ewww, yucks...smelly". But seriously it is such a great base for your cooking. I use it when I am cooking western food usually. I buy them in oil, so not the dried ones. It has that salty fragrance taste to it, very strong, but with the right amount, it gives just a hint of saltiness and depth to your food. Add it in together with your garlic and onions when cooking. 


I have to have pretty much everything savoury with chilli! Not a fan of chilli in chocolate though! But definitely when I am having savoury food. There are so many types of chilli....fresh, dried, oil.....
If I am in charge of cooking, you will definitely find at least one if not all dishes that has chilli in it!

Now you know what are my 3 top favourite ingredients to use...what are yours?

Happy Hump Day! :)

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