Thursday, November 28, 2013

Let's do the Egg Jiggle Dance.

For those who knows me, they know that I LURVEEEE steam egg!
What's so special about it, I have no idea, I just love it.
I've never tried to make it at home, I've always ordered it when I go out to eat, and it cost a bomb for just steam eggs.
So finally, after multiple trials...
I've managed to tweak the recipe into my very own.
Look at it jiggle!

All you need is - feeds 4 unless you love egg so much like me, it's for 1 :) !
4 eggs
6 x 1/4 cup warm water (360ml)
Salt & Pepper
Soy Sauce

1) Prepare your steamer/a pot of water, deep and wide enough for your ramekins to fit in, make sure it doesn't sit directly in the pot, have those steamer racks)
2) Break your eggs in a bowl.
3) Pour the warm water into the eggs while mixing it with a chopstick
4) Add your seasoning (salt, white pepper, soy sauce), it is really up to you, how much flavor you want in them. Pour into your ramekins for steaming.
5) Steam it for 10-12 minutes, or you'll know when it is ready when it jiggles smoothly in the middle.
6) Serve hot, you can sprinkle with some garnish - chopped spring onions too.

Tips - I usually have one chopstick on each side of the pot to hold the lid from completely closing the pot, this helps to prevent the top layer of the egg from bubbling, it will give you a smooth top.
Enjoy! :)


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Yum I love steamed egg, especially chawamushi!

Passionate Mae said...

Hey Helen! Totally agreee...chawanmushi is da bomb!

surprise-me said...

I love this :) other people would have warm milk but my dad used to make me the sweet version if I had trouble sleeping!

Passionate Mae said...

Hi Surprise-me, sweet version? That's really sweet of your dad! :)