Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taste of Sydney

Love food??!

Check out Taste of Sydney this weekend if you haven't.

Entry is $30 for general entry if you buy at the door or pre-purchased of $27.50 online.

It started on Thursday and ends on Sunday(tomorrow). We went today, what a great weather we had today, it was windy and not hot at all.

It is located at the huge Centennial Park near Entertainment Quarters.

It was my first time there, and it's such a lovely park, I wished I had a dog to bring along to run around and chill!

Okay, back to the topic...Taste of Sydney.

There's a number of 4 to 5 stars restaurants that would be having their food stalls there including Aria, Flying Fish, Bennelong, LongGrain and much more. Not forgetting many other ice cream and wine stalls too! And and and, there's also food and wine shows at scheduled times.

You have to have a ticket to enter and use 'Crowns' to purchase the food and drinks at the event. Though some stalls do accept cash too. $1 = 1 crowns.

We spent quite a fair bit and ate tooo much!!

Let's just allow the pictures to do the talking instead aights!
*unfortunately I cannot remember the exact name of the food.

 Ocean Trout with Salad from Aria -  10 crowns

Moran Lamb in Roll - 12 crowns (my bro loves this!)

Matt Moran himself serving at Aria's stall

Paella a la Maestre from El Toro Loco - 10 crowns

Macaroons from Guillaume at Bennelong

I forgot to snap a photo of the Wagyu beef from Guillaume - 12 crowns. It was yummy, melts in your mouth.

Prawn with curry leaves and rice *can't remember from which stall*  10 crowns (OMG my favourite!)

Cupcakes from PlanetCakes - 4 crowns
They also have 5 minute sessions where they teach you how to make your own design on a cupcake, just remember that you've got to put your name down to take part :)

Fresh NZ Salmon with pita at New Zealand stand, free tasting. 

Look at these colours!! SMEG fridges :) It is so old school, the design, but yet at the same time I find it so cool!

Finally, we also watched the food show that Matt Moran was on. He was just explaining how to make the Ocean Trout dish that he has at the stand.

Although there was more photos, I decided that I should keep some in surprise for those who have not been to discover it themselves. 

By the way, I wanted to try LongGrain, but I did not as I had to choose between the Prawns with curry leaves from err.. to Pork Curry from LongGrain. Of course the prawns beats hands down for me! So I went with Prawns.

We also have a tub of Movenpick Maple Walnut ice cream - 8 crowns. Baileys, Little Creatures, Dessert from Tattersall stall and many other.

I found that many of the stalls served Lamb and Pork. Though I would have prefer the stalls to mix up their food instead of stall after stall serving the same main highlight. 

Anyway, if you have not been, please go. Though the entry isn't really cheap, but if you love food, why not! A nice day out to try all sort of delicious food with your friends and family.

p/s: you'll also get a free copy of the latest Gourmet Magazine :)

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