Friday, January 16, 2015

Sweet Findings

It has been a great start to 2015!

I believe if you have a plan for what you wish to achieve each year, it will help steer you into the right direction to achieve your goals!

Let's start off the first Sweet Findings' post for this year! I can't wait to share gems that I come across every week with you!
1 - Summer is the time to keep cool..this Fresh Blueberry and Mint Lemonade drink looks refreshing!  (

2 - I want some Spicy Homestyle Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings please! (

3 - How cute are these Snow Sugar Cookies!? (

4 - Edible marketing! It's the World's First Giant Cake Billboard! (

5 - Ahmazing...I can't wait to make this Liege waffles. (

6 - For those rainy nights on a summer's day; Ginger Miso Soup with Tokyo Turnips. (

Happy Friday! :)

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