Sunday, August 19, 2012


My My...another week has come and gone..
Although Spring is almost has been pretty cold still, with strong winds at the speed of 100km/h. There were cases where roofs on houses were blown away. Can you imagine, if you had to walk against the wind. Crazee!
Here's are my moments for the week!

Don't you have earrings lying around, but can't seem to know how many you have. I got this from IKEA, DIY earring holder {a vase from the gardening section-hehe}. It is a great way to showcase your earrings, it looks pretty too (at least to me). 

I seem to be quite hooked on Pinterest lately. There are just so many cool and interesting things to pin to my board! You can follow me too if you like, just search for Sho-mae or Passionatemae. Happy Pinning!

Aww, lovely Iris Flowers from my boyfriend. Just brightens up my day.

Melting Moments, OMG, my favourite! Got this from Costco. Yum! really sweet but YUM!

Overall, I had a really great weekend! I just can't stop smiling.

Happy Sunday ! :)

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