Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Salt Book

It was very nice of Felicity from Arbon Publishing to send over a copy of the Salt Book to me. This book has all the information on Salt.

Have you had any problems with knowing how much salt to use when cooking or baking?? Do you often get confused with what type of salt to use? 

Don't fret about it anymore.

Now you can find all the answers from The Salt Book by Fritz Gubler & David Glynn, with contributions by Dr Russell Keast!

It promises to answers all your questions from...
how to salt?
when to salt?
which salt?
why salt?
salt trends
salt facts
salt recipes
salt techniques
chefs on salt
salt at table

There are tons of recipes in this book too from the basics, savoury, desserts and so on. You've got to buy the book to see find out more!

Quick purchase one for yourself, simply click on the banner on the right hand side or here.

By clicking on that link, it also helps me earn commission on the books you've purchased!

Enjoy! :)

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India Tourism Info said...

I never knew that ordinary salt can be a topic for such large number of questions and have such number of various details connected to it :)
Thanks for sharing!