Monday, October 25, 2010

Marie Antoinette High Tea @ Westin Sydney

So last weekend, the 8 of us - Julie, Betty, Rachel, Janice, Vivian, Stephanie, Ayana and of course myself went for Marie Antoinette High Tea @ Westin Hotel.

In the month of the Sydney International Food Festival, the Marie Antoinette High Tea is @ $45pp for pastries, cakes, desserts, scones, savoury food, free flow of tea & coffee and a glass of Brown Brothers Sparking Rose.

Our Brown Brothers Sparking Rose

And since we're all food bloggers, the first thing we did was take out our cameras to capture the best angle of the food before we all started eating.

Let's take a look at what we had!

The Sweets
Lime Curd Meringue Tart, Chocolate Cream with exotic fruit caramel & candied walnuts, Fresh Blueberry Macarons, Beet Root and Cherry Cupcake.

Look at the Marie Antoinette fondant

The Chocolate Cream was not very sweet because they use dark chocolate, but since I'm not really a fan of passionfruit, the passionfruit in the cream is a lil' over powering for my liking. 

The Cupcakes were alright, can't really taste the beetroot and cherry.

The Blueberry Macarons - yum! Really like the touch of the fresh blueberries.

And the Lime Curd Tart, love the pastry not the curd - too "lemony"for me.

The Savoury
Slow cooked roast beef with creme cheese stuffed baby belle peppers, avocado and shrimp tartar, blt & deviled egg finger sandwich, kiwi and orange croissant with mascarpone.

Blt & deviled egg finger sandwich
This is my favourite amongst all the savoury selection.

The avocado and shrimp tartar was not bad, but I did not like the puff that they used as it was a little on the dry side.

The kiwi and orange croissant wasn't alright, it was fresh.

I did not eat the roast beef, because I don't eat beef. So I really can't comment on that.

Cute lil' warm scones were also served with cream and jam.

 It was yummy, and definitely not dry. 

We were served tea in this.

I had 2 different types of tea - Yellow Gold Oolong and Dragon Well. I prefer the Dragon Well because it's really fragrance compared to the Yellow Gold Oolong where I felt that it was a lil' diluted for my liking as I expected Oolong teas to be stronger.

I really enjoyed the time with the girls. We should do this again soon!

If you're interested to try it out.

Check out
Marie Antoinette High Tea 
Westin Hotel
1 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000(02) 8223 1111
$45 per person

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R. said...

I really like your tea photo! All the photos of me, on the other hand... :p

And I think I was the only one there who liked the lemon curd tart!


Passionate Mae said...

Hey rachel!

Thank you! I cant send it to you if you want to? Or just take it from here :) Click on the photo for a larger version :)

Yea, I think so too. It was too "lemony" !

Julie said...

Wah i thought i banned my photo =p huh! yay we go eat soon again ^^

Passionate Mae said...

dont worry. no one know which is you :) hehe

yes we should!

sugarpuffi said...

we are a bunch of crazy girls snapping pics LOL! it was kinda scary there was 8 cameras pointing at the cake XD

Passionate Mae said...

yea i know...crazy food bloggers..hehe